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August Newsletter 2015 TeamAbsolute TeamAbsolute on August 1, 2015

This month we've been 100% focused on Planet Minecraft's 11th Project Contest, Under the Sea, and we're really proud of the beautiful submission we made called Drifting Away. If you support us as a finalist, please visit the project and diamond it, and share it with your friends so we can hopefully beat our competition!

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July Newsletter 2015 TeamAbsolute TeamAbsolute on July 1, 2015

We have an awesome new project we want to share with you, called AbsoluteRPG.

It's going to be fully interactive RPG with quests, epic stories and rewards, and it's going to be available ready for what we still call "Open Week" - the week celebrating AbsoluteCraft's birthday on September 1 till September 7!

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plug.dj + AbsoluteCraft boveybrawlers boveybrawlers on May 22, 2015

What do you do when playing AC? If the answer is "listen to my mixtape, it's fire", then you should share your tunes where everyone can join in, plug in their music and take turns playing their songs as the DJ.

Some of the staff have been tuning in whilst working on builds together, and we invite all players to join us and share their music.

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