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Conquering Kilimanjaro Buzzers1 Buzzers1 on August 28, 2014

This September, I will be climbing to the highest peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, for charity.

The charity that I am supporting is Practical Action which focuses on aiding International Development in deprived areas, by using technologies to combat poverty. Water pumps, solar panels and disaster risk reduction are just some of the things being used in over 100 locations worldwide.

I am really passionate about this Charity as it supports the fact that so little for us can be so much for others who have a greater need. This is why I believe that it deserves to be represented.

Please check out my funding page here: http://bit.ly/buzzersconquerskilimanjaro

This also means I won't be on the server for a few weeks, have a good time playing Red vs Blue!

Thanks very much,


Nebulus Team_Absolute Team_Absolute on August 14, 2014

TeamAbsolute presents Nebulus, our entry to the Planet Minecraft's Head into the Clouds Project Contest.

Explore the map by typing /warp nebulus.

Welcome to AC! boveybrawlers boveybrawlers on June 15, 2014

Welcome to the all new AbsoluteCraft website!

Check out the massive update to the Dashboard and the token system, which is now our primary economy.

1000 Hash (#) = 1 Token (§)

All players with at least #1000 will be given tokens. We hope you find this fair and a much more fun way to play AC!


bnaughton6 Jul 3:11

awww bovey there cannot be a bovey face 2 now :(

boveybrawlers4 Jul 1:35

Oh god my face! It got smooshed!!

ghostbuster1912820 Jun 1:12


Buzzers116 Jun 4:49

Sorry for the server being down guys, I am aware of the problem , and will do whatever I can to get it fixed ASAP (Bug Bovey and get him to do it ;) )

Buzzers18 Jun 3:27

Hooray for doing things!

boveybrawlers7 Jun 10:50

The new website is finally up! You may have to connect to mc-ac.com for the next few days whilst we update!

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