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Can i be whitelisted?
Another relaunch for 1.7.2 means that the wihtelist resets?Cause i need to be re-wihtelisted again.
bovey i used my ac points on 500 exp and it didn't work
yo survivals broken This is goeshteacos forgot ot login
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boveybrawlers posted Aug 4, 13
The brand new server is officially open! It's been up since August 1 with a bit of downtime but now that I've completed it, we should be up to 100%!

To celebrate, we've introduced awesome new ways you can get cool stuff and help us continue to make the server grow like this. First off, we've started a merchandise store on SpreadShirt where you can get some kick ass t-shirts and accessories with our brand and designs. We get some of the profit which will all be used in making the server better.

Secondly, we've created the Subscriber rank which allows you to pay monthly to get super-mad perks like kits, hats, clan blocks, money and spawn eggs each month!

Thirdly, the new server is so powerful we can host both the Minecraft server and a TeamSpeak server. So come online by clicking join server in the Server Status box and come voice chat with us.

Finally, we've introduced the AC Points system. This is a way for you to get the VIP Rank, VIP+ rank or in-game money for free! Points will be given to people who excel on the server and the forums by making our community better. Some examples of getting points are: becoming a Builder, referring a friend, being the most active voter, being the most active player!

I'm really pleased with AbsoluteCraft v2.0 video and I hope you like the best bits (you can watch that clip on its own here, please share it with friends and tell them how awesome AC is!)


Hi all!

I'm here with an important question! I'll be moving to Staffordshire University in September and the computer I use to host the server probably won't work up there. The three options are either to buy another dedicated computer to keep the same system, move the server to a virtual host such as Fragnet or Multiplay or take my computer with my to Staffordshire and hope that it works.

I need your help to be able to decide what I should do. Below there will be a link to a site where you can vote on what we do, and I will follow whatever you guys say because I'm on the fence between a dedicated or virtual host. I don't think the last option would be so reliable. But first, a comparison:

Dedicated MachineVirtual HostStaffordshire Uni Network
+ Electricity is free (thanks mum and dad)
+ One-time payment will work out cheaper in the long-run
+ Awesome case (http://i.imgur.com/Rx4LnWk.png)
+ More RAM, higher performance in all of our game worlds
+ High player limits (100)
+ Keeps the system the same (http://bit.ly/14o3kDr)
- Slow connection speeds
+ The server will be available to people all around the world with a 100Mbps connection
+ Reliable for years to come as long as we can afford the costs
- Less control over the system
- Super expensive (£250-350 a year)
+ No extra costs involved
+ If it works, the connection speeds will be out of this world
- A few days of downtime when I move
- Only delays this problem for a few months
- I have no idea if it will even work there

Whatever happens, AbsoluteCraft is sticking around for the years to come. You can vote in the poll by going here: http://polldaddy.com/poll/7281425/

- boveybrawlers
mikeyhockey Builder Yeah i agree with SirB0B Dedicated machine would work good. But the money?
SirB0B Moderator Dedicated Machine FTW! ;)
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boveybrawlers   published AbsoluteTech is online! on Tech News
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